Stage 1: Start- up Community

🐾 Coin launch.
🐾 Website launch (Version1).
🐾 Start an aggressive marketing campaign.
🐾 Reward the community-loving BabyDogeShiba.

Stage 2: Fishing & Launching

🐾 Launch of DeFi platform for BabyDogeShiba community.
🐾 Connect the animal-loving celebrities to promote the platform.
🐾 Allocate budget for healthy communication activities.
🐾 Collect people holding diamond hands.

Stage 3: Development

🐾 Public platform and Viral logo to identify BabyDogeShiba brand globally.
🐾 Big rewards for the community for joining the creative contest.
🐾 Associate to payment apps that accept BabyDogeShiba Tokens.
🐾 Increase advertising revenue.
🐾 Strong association with global influencers promoted in promoting the project.

Stage 4: Expansion

🐾 First audit.
🐾 List on CoinGecko.
🐾 Register CMC.
🐾 Update website Version 2.
🐾 Get trending on DexTools.
🐾 Promote big marketing with some of the top crypto influencers. Publish articles on websites that have a big reader.

Stage 5: Update Baby Doge Shiba Inus V2

🐾 Listing CMC.
🐾 Second audit.
🐾 Website Version 2 launches with SWAP and Card Payments features.
🐾 Start to attract celebrities in ads.
🐾 Huge donations to animal camps show the community how their contributions have made an impact.
🐾 Submit for support so you won't have any trouble when trading on Baby Doge Shiba Inus.